Taste of Hunger (VR)

THE VENICE BIENNALE 2020 - In competition

A kaleidoscope of a couple's struggle to survive the expectations of modern life, where family, personal freedom and professional ambition compete.

Space and time distorts as you follow Maggie who is married to Carsten. Together they share a common dream of a family and a Michelin-starred restaurant. But a taste of hunger is building in Maggie. A hunger that must be fed. 

“With every step the viewer takes in this VR experience - the surroundings - the scene - the characters change. It's like a narrative soaked in Quantum physics - the viewer will actively change and transform the very scene they observe just by observing it. The audience are usually not a part of my storytelling, they don't embody the characters - they can’t control the narrative. They can’t control anything except how they sit in-front of the screen. So I find the challenge of letting the audience explore my cinematic reality and eventually become “someone” in it - exhilarating. In many ways it questions the very nature of the concept of cinema - and therefore it's essential to explore it.” 

SOUND DESIGN by Mads Michelsen
MUSIC by Anthony Lledo & Mikkel Maltha